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We bring you ideas for organizing housewarming party game. So check out these unique housewarming party games.

Housewarming Party Games

A housewarming can become very dull unless you organize some unique housewarming party games. These games are enjoyed by one and all and go a long way in making your party an instant hit with your guests. Housewarming is all about enjoying and celebrating a new beginning and what better way to do it than by indulging in some fun games. They bring the fun factor to the party and enhance the interaction. Games also serve as a great way to explore the new house. Given here are unique housewarming game ideas that are sure to be loved by all your guests.

Unique Housewarming Party Game Ideas

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Decide the game according to the theme of your party. If it is a formal lunch, ask everyone to come dressed in formal attires and prepare a short speech to encourage the new occupants. The speech could be funny or it could be a short poem or it could be a peppy song. Every individual should be prepared to say a few lines about the new house and the housewarming party.

Treasure Hunt
Hide small, but relevant things of a household in different rooms across the house and ask your guests to find them. Give each of them a list that has clues regarding a particular object. They should be able to guess it on their own and search for it.

Musical Chairs
The traditional game of musical chairs is a great ice breaker and you can also invite your new neighbors to join you in the celebrations. It is definitely a great way to know your neighbors and make new friends.

Home Tour
The main focus will be on your home rather than any activities that you might have organized to amuse your guests. Give the responsibility of taking your guests on a home tour to a family member or close friend. It is a great way to not just show off your new house but also will keep your guests occupied with numerous topics for discussion.

New Town Trivia
In case you are shifting to a new town or a new city, playing a trivia about the new place can be really fun and entertaining. For this, you need to collect facts and figures about your new location. Form a questionnaire that includes some interesting facts about the place. The game can also be played if you are shifting within the same city. The deal is to make the questionnaire a little more challenging.

Round the World Dining
A nice way to both explore the house and the food of different countries, the activity makes a great ice breaker. For this activity, instead of focusing the food in the dinning space, you can decorate various rooms of your home with a country theme, including finger foods that represent the country. While an Italian themed room can have mini pizzas, a Mexican-themed room can have various Mexican-inspired dips!!