Know about sense of touch in babies, baby using hands to explore and textures for kids.

Sense of Touch in Babies

The sense of touch is well-developed considerably, in infants. They respond to touch in similar ways as adults do. In fact, it is inherent in a newborn to make out that, he/she has been touched by his/her mother. Touch is a vital sense, which affects the bond between the parent and the infant. It also contributes in the cognitive and immunological development of the baby, as well as improves his/her sociability. Studies suggest that the sense of touch enhances the growth and development of the baby and increases his/her attentiveness to the rest of the world, apart from his/her mother. In this article, know more about the importance of the sense of touch in babies, and learn how to use the sense of touch for the overall development of your baby.

Sense Of Touch In Babies