Know about sense of smell in infants, smelling sense in babies and baby's nose and its use.

Sense of Smell in Infants

Smell is the most advanced, out of the five senses, present in babies at the time of birth. Unlike eyesight, hearing or touch that requires some time, the sense of smell is developed, right at the time when infants are in the womb. Surprised!! Studies have shown that right from the time when babies are in the womb, they smell the amniotic fluid, which is apparently rich with smells. It is said that infants during the first week, primarily differentiate between two things and people, using their sense of smell. They pick up on the new odors and associate these smells to certain things or people. Babies use their sense of smell mostly to stay close to their mother. To know more about how does a baby use his/her smelling sense, read through the following lines.

Smelling Sense In A Baby