Know about sight and vision in infants, what babies can see and understand and sight development in a baby.

Sight and Vision in Infants

Babies are curious about everything around them, right from their very birth. They love to look at bright colors in the crib and their mom's smiling face again and again. Amongst the first few things that babies learn to recognize is their mother's face, as she feeds and nurses them. In fact, the most preferred sight for a baby comprises of his/her mother's face, as he/she feels the safest with her. This serves as the first step in the bonding process between a mother and her child. As a baby's vision sharpens, he/she learns to recognize his/her dad, sibling (if any), grandparents and other caregivers and family members, eventually even the pets and frequent visitors to the house. Let us know more about what babies can see & understand.

Sight Development In A Baby