Know about sense of hearing in a baby, hearing skills of babies and music and sounds for newborns.

Sense of Hearing In A Baby

Well, if you thought that a newborn baby cannot hear, thing again!! The sense of hearing in an infant develops much before the birth of the baby. When in the womb, the baby hears his mother's heartbeats, the grumbling of her stomach and the sudden loud noises like a car blaring or a drum banging. Upon hearing these sudden loud sounds, baby also reacts by making a sudden audible jerk in the womb. Sounds in the womb play an important role in language learning of the baby. Thanks to these sounds, the baby after coming out into the world has a sense of hearing that is well-established. He recognizes his mother's voice and can differentiate it from the voices of other women, reacts to musical toys and responds favorably to classical music.

Sense of Hearing In A Baby
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