When we consume vegetables, we hardly understand the calories that each one possesses and how it can benefit our bodies. Explore the vegetable calorie chart and go through the rest of the article.

Calories in Vegetables

If your weighing scales are worrying you, we suggest you opt for vegetables in your diet. Vegetables are the best foods for dieters because most them are extremely low in calories and have minimal fat, apart from being really healthy choices for your diet. They are low in calories and high in nutrition which is always helpful for the body.In this era when obesity has become more of an epidemic, people are becoming more and more conscious about their health and weight. Because of the lifestyle that is adopted, many of them hardly haveany exercise the body requires and thus, lead an unhealthy lifestyle. This is where the vegetables with low calories come into place. They are rich in nutrients and minerals as well as low in calories. Using them in potato or vegetable gratins, salads, curries and vegetable stews provides the body that fuel that is required for all the energy and is essential to give you the vitamins and minerals. Read further to know more about the calorie content in vegetables.

Vegetable Calorie Chart

Vegetable Calories
Asparagus 26
Aubergine 15
Beetroot 38
Broccoli 32
Brussels Sprouts 40
Cabbage average 24
Carrot 32
Cauliflower 32
Celery 8
Chicory 10
Courgette 20
Cucumber 10
Fennel 13
Gherkins 15
Gourd 12
Leek 22
Lettuce (average) 13
Marrow 10
Mushroom 15
Okra 30
Onion 35
Onion Spring 23
Parsnip 60
Pumpkin 12
Radish 13
Spinach 23
Sprouts 43
Swede 22
Sweet corn 24
Tomatoes 18
Tomatoes cherry 17
Turnip 21
Watercress 21
Yam 110

The calorie content in vegetables is calculated as per 100 grams of cooked vegetable though it varies depending upon the way the vegetable is cooked. It must be noted that the calorie content in raw vegetables are much higher than the cooked ones even though the weight will remain the same. This is because, the vegetables absorb the water in which they are cooked and the concentration of calories is diminished. Furthermore, the high temperature also destroys some of the nutrient present in the vegetables. There are also vegetables that have negative calories which means that some of them instead of adding to the calories of the body helps in reducing the fat by burning the calories that are already present in the body. Following is a list of raw vegetables and their corresponding calories.

Calories Per Day
While planning your diet chart, make sure you include those greens to ensure an overall balanced lifestyle. Vegetables which provide the body with the right kind of essential vitamins and minerals provide a great boost, energizing the body and maintaining healthy skin. As per experts, the recommended amounts of calories which males and females require on a daily and weekly basis are:
How To Use It

Steaming your vegetables is a nice way to induct almost all their nutrition in your body. For your taste, you could add some salt or sauce to it. Or you could just cut small pieces of onion and mix them in the vegetables. The vegetables would then both be nutritious and low on calories.

Eating Raw
When you eat vegetables raw, you get all nutrition in its natural form. However, it is imperative to wash these vegetables thoroughly before consuming them because they could have pesticides or other germs that could be harmful for your body. So, it is necessary to either peel of the skin first or wash it properly before adding it to any of your food or if you are just grabbing a quick snack!

Put your vegetables with some water in a proper utensil. Keep it on your burner for some time. However, be heedful not to boil it for too long or they would lose nutrition value. Cut them, add some supplements as per your taste and eat. Simple!

Cook Your Veggies!
A few vegetables refuse to follow the nutrition rules of steaming, eating raw and boiling. They must be cooked before eating else they would cause harm to your body. Alfalfa, if uncooked, counteracts vitamin E and damages liver or muscles. Raw bamboo shoots contain poisonous amounts of cyanogen that cause cyanide poisoning. So cook them thoroughly.

The calorie content in vegetables is minimal which makes it a ‘must’ in your daily diet. For dieters, including low calorie vegetables is an amazing option as it helps them maintain their body weight as well as makes their body a powerhouse of nutrients and minerals. Hope this article familiarizes you about the calorie content in vegetables.

Uma P.S