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Chinese Fast Food

Chinese fast food is not something new; in fact, it entered the Indian market in organized form about 10 years back and soon it captured the taste buds of urban India. In the current scenario, Chinese fast food has carved a special place for itself and has reached millions of people. Fast food is not an original Chinese conception. Traditionally Chinese people value a certain kind of elegant and slow table manners, which symbolize health and politeness.

The development of Chinese fast food can be traced to 1980s-1990s, when Western fast-food giants entered the Chinese market in order to attract more Chinese consumers. As a result of this, Chinese-style fast food emerged and it soon gathered immense popularity. Apart from Noodles and Dim sums, some other popular Chinese dishes are Szechuan and Manchurian style dishes. In India, Yo China is one of the popular Chinese fast food chains. There are also a number of good Chinese restaurants in all the major Indian cities.

Chinese fast food ensures that the food is cooked below 100 degrees so that the nutrition elements are not lost, making Chinese fast food high in nutritional value when compared to other western fast foods. As people are becoming more and more calorie conscious, they tend to prefer Chinese fast food than any other kind of western fast foods, as they are low in terms of calories. Chinese fast foods are working towards ruling out oily fatty food options from its menu list and are making an effort towards building a healthy fast food base. Mostly in Chinese cuisine, food is prepared in bite-sized pieces, ready for direct picking up and eating. Traditionally, Chinese culture use chopsticks at the table. The best part about Chinese fast foods is that they give emphasis on the usage of grains, beans, and vegetables. Their cooking style usually consists of boiling in water, instead of opting for deep-frying cooking technique.