Here is presented fast food calorie chart. Check out the list depicting calories in fastfood.

Calories In Fast Food

Looks like there is no respite from fast foods!! With the ever-increasing chain of eating joints opening in every nook and corner, these 'unhealthy' food items have become the most preferred choice for everyone - be it, children or youth. Hence, for those of you, who are fond of munching snacks, it becomes very necessary to possess knowledge regarding the calories present in fast food. These fast to prepare food items contain a lot of Trans fat, which has a negative health effect on the body.

People, who consume a lot of fast food, tend to have lot of health related problems such as, heart diseases, blood pressure, cholesterol and above all overweight or obesity issues. Fast foods lack vegetables and fruits and provide no nutrient to the body. So, the next time, before you are off to munch some snack, remember that all it does is, add a few calories to your existing ones. To know more about how much calories are present in fast food, read through the table given below.

Fast Food Amount Calories
Cheeseburger Large 610
Cheeseburger Regular 320
Hamburger Large 520
Hamburger Regular 275
Fish, Battered/Fried 1 serving 210
Chicken, Fried, Dark Meat 2 pieces 430
Chicken, Fried, Wing/Breast 2 pieces 495
Chicken Nuggets, Plain 6 300
Sausage, Fried/Battered 1 100
Onion Rings 8 175
Fries Large 360
Fries Regular 240
Hash Browns 1/2 cup 150
Corn Dog 1 460
Hot Dog Regular 240
Hot Dog with Chili 1 325
Dressing - Caesar 1 pkt 160
Dressing - French 1 pkt 160
Dressing - Ranch 1 pkt 230
Pancakes, Butter & Syrup 3 520
Desserts - Brownie 1 245
Desserts - Sundae, Caramel 1 305
Desserts - Sundae, Hot Fudge 1 290
Desserts - Sundae, Strawberry 1 270
Desserts - Apple Pie 1 serving 260
Shakes - Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla Regular 360