There is myth that non-alcoholic drinks contain less carbohydrates as compared to the regular alcoholic beverages. Here is information about the carbohydrate content in alcohol.

Carbohydrate Content in Alcohol

As far as the question of carbohydrates in alcohol is concerned, there is a myth that non-alcoholic drinks contain less carbs, when compared to the regular alcoholic beverages. But the reality is the other way round and non-alcoholic beverages in fact contain higher carbs content. According to some of the low-carb diets-alcoholic beverages are not recommended, at least for the first phase of the diet, because alcohol can cause blood sugars levels to go erratic, depending upon the type & amount of the food we have. The effect of alcohol also depends on, whether we have food in our stomachs or not. It has been found through study that people who drank alcohol after a meal which included fat, protein, and carbohydrates absorbed the alcohol about three times more slowly than, when they consumed alcohol on an empty stomach. So, it is preferable not to drink alcohol on an empty stomach.

Carbohydrates In Alcohol

Alcohol Item (Serving size) Carbs (g)
Beer Regular (12 fl oz) 13g
Beer Light (12 fl oz) 4.5g
Wine Red (3.5 fl oz) 1.75g
Wine Rose (3.5 fl oz) 1.5 g
Wine White (3.5 fl oz) 1g
Cider Dry (1 pint) 15g
Gin, Rum, Vodka, Whisky (1 fl oz) 0g
Sherry (2 fl oz) 3g
Port (2 fl oz) 6g
Guinness (1/2 pint) 4g

The alcohol absorption levels of women are different from men. When women consume the same amount of alcohol as men, it is found that they have higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC) compared to men. It is also seen that women are more susceptible to alcoholic liver disease, heart muscle damage, and brain damage. Another factor contributing to the difference in BAC between men & women may be that women have lower activity of the alcohol metabolizing enzyme which is called alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) in the stomach, causing a larger proportion of the ingested alcohol to reach the blood. The combination of these factors may render women more vulnerable than men to alcohol. Thus, different alcoholic drinks contain varied amounts of alcohol carbohydrate content, it becomes of prime importance to take note of alcohol carbohydrates, because if you are consuming a high carb drink and that too at frequent intervals, then it can be hazardous for your body.

Few Tips
There are several myths regarding the presence of carbohydrates in alcohol. Hope this article helps you get rid of those myths and familiarizes you with the amount of carbohydrates in alcoholic drinks.