Here is a list of anti-aging foods to avoid. Check out foods causing/leading to aging.

Foods Causing Aging

If you want to remain healthy, fit and young your entire life, you will have to check your diet. Have you heard of the saying, ‘you are what you eat’? The kind of foods you consume will directly affect your aging process and will also determine how healthy you are. It is very important for you to choose the right kind of food that not just momentarily revitalizes you but also ensures your fitness along with graceful aging. Young age is simply not defined by ‘beauty’; it also includes a balanced combination of high energy, proper fitness levels, endurance and fortitude. Not paying attention to your body accelerates the occurrence of diseases. Frequent smoking, alcohol and neglecting regular exercises will take a toll on your body as a weak and older body will not be equipped enough to deal with the challenges a younger and strong body can easily cope up with. You cannot put a stop to aging but an unhealthy way of life accelerates the entire process. So, in case you want to be active, persistent and attractive throughout your life, here is a miraculous formula.

Foods Leading To Aging

The foods we take can be divided into two groups. First of all, the group that produces acids when it is digested. The other group is the one that produces alkaline fluids upon digestion. The waste products that are acidic are basically toxins and the toxins cause lethargy, pain and aging. So in order to avoid ageing, you must limit the intake of acid producing substances. At times, simply to eat right is not enough to avoid anti-ageing as many a times, we ourselves do not know when a right food goes wrong in a certain combination. Apart from this, timing and quantity of intake also matters while you are on an anti-ageing diet. Many a time, foods which are generally considered to be healthy and good trigger cell degeneration. So, to avoid any ambiguity, go through the below mentioned list to know what not to eat if you want to decelerate the aging process.

A high intake of sugar incites chronic inflammation in many people. It does not mean that it must be completely avoided from the diet, but try having healthy food items like fruits which contains natural sugars. Avoid foods like table sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, maple syrup, sorghum syrup, rice syrup, molasses, corn sweetener, liquid cane sugar, dextrose, fructose, glucose, and concentrated fruit juice. These are known to degenerate the cell-formation process, leading to quicker aging.

If you are a healthy person, a glass of red wine or a beer on a regular basis is said to have great benefits. However, when you go beyond these moderate levels, high consumption of alcoholic beverages like beer and whiskey and vodka results in inflammation of the liver and esophagus and is also known to have adverse effects in the blood system, which can in turn, cause imperfections on the skin.

Processed Foods
Be it refined grains, processed meat and pasteurized diary, processed foods are a major factor in accelerating the aging process. The examples of processed foods are white rice, white flour, white bread, noodles, pasta, biscuits and baked goods. Processed meat is also a great contributor of ageing and diseases. Processed meat includes those which have been smoked, salted, cured, or preserved with chemicals, such as lunchmeat with nitrates. Pasteurized milk and dairy products does not contribute to any good in the body as the process eliminates the digestive enzymes in the dairy. What is left after the pasteurization is the milk sugar which is used by the body immediately.

Hydrogenated Fats / Trans-Fat
Totally neglecting artificial fat is essential to delay aging elements. It is not only bad for your body but also causes inflammation, trans-fats promote insulin resistance, high cholesterol, and obesity. Remember to avoid deep-fried foods, commercial baked goods, and fast foods which contain these hydrogenated fats. These are especially bad for the skin.

Anti-Aging Foods To Avoid
In order to avoid ageing it is essential to reduce the intake of fat and sugar, increase the consumption of anti-oxidants, vitamins and proteins and water. Opting for natural beauty products and regular exercise will also be beneficial. Also remember that avoiding certain foods will help you remain young. Try to bring an attitudinal shift in your life and feel young forever!