Women have always been shown respect in the Indian society. Read about Indian woman's social position.

Respect for Women

Indian women occupy a very special position in her home and the society. All important decisions pertaining to the home are taken by her, which she puts across to the eldest decision-making member of the family. He/she then invites a meeting or initiates a debate to arrive at a conclusion. Since in India, it is considered the responsibility of the womenfolk to look after home, their advice and decisions are respected and taken very seriously by their kin.

Infact, women have always commanded a position of respect in the Indian society and are treated with full dignity by Indian men. There are evidences that women even participated in the running of the administration in the earlier days. Like Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi, there were also other women rulers, who fought on the battlefield courageously. Even today, there are many noteworthy women administrators in our country.

In present day India, we have the likes of tennis player Sania Mirza, actress Aishwarya Rai, NRI film director Meera Nair, who have made the country proud at the international level. With more and more Indian women achieving great feats these days, the general perception and treatment towards them is slowly changing for the better. All these have led to an enhancement of the social position of the women in India.