Here is given the biography of the well known social activist Shanta Sinha. Check out the life history of Shanta Sinha.

Shanta Sinha

Shanta Sinha
Shanta Sinha, the Ramon Magsaysay award winner, has recently been appointed for the post of chairperson of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights. She is the founder secretary trustee of the Mamidipudi Venkatarangaiya (MV) Foundation, Secunderabad. Well, in this article, we will present you with the biography of Shanta Sinha, a great social activist.

She has made an immense contribution in the area of child development. She has strived hard for eliminating child labor. She has played a pivotal role in universalizing the elementary education. These days, she is working in close association with government teachers, non-governmental organizations women's groups, local bodies and youth associations.

Presently, Shanta Sinha is focusing her attention on the development of girl child and children, who are engaged in the industries as bonded laborers. She has taken up a number of social issues like compulsory school education, eradication of child labor etc. To know the complete life history of Shanta Sinha, read on.

She looks reserved and shy, but when she expresses her views on varied topics related to the societal welfare, she does it with full enthusiasm and eloquence. When she speaks, there is a confidence in her eyes and hardly anyone dares to oppose her, because the data that she presents in support of her argument is impeccable and absolutely authentic.

Despite the lack of expertise and shortage of funds, she is running a voluntary organization consisting of more than 86,000 members. She is never hesitant to raise her voice against sensitive issues that are a matter of concern to the society. Her approach is absolutely clear cut and she is able to infuse vibrant energy into the people, thus motivating them to give their level best to fight for a noble cause.

During the mid 80s, when the Government of India was occupied in mulling over the idea of launching the adult literacy programmes, Shanta Sinha was a faculty member of the department of Political Science at the University of Hyderabad. At present, she is a professor in the University. At that moment, she was more concerned about the condition of adult workers in different sectors. She was concentrating on how to go about unionizing them.

Sinha also served as the director of the recently established Shramik Vidya Peeth. This platform gave her an opportunity to view things from close and see the ground realities of life. While working there, she realized that 40% of the bonded laborers were children. During that time, there was not even a single agency that was working exclusively for the welfare of children. So, she took up this challenge and came out victoriously. She is a great person, who has been making every effort to bring a smile on the face of children.