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Read the inspiring biography on life history of Rani Gaidinliu who headed the agitation against British at 13 in North-East India.

Rani Gaidinliu

Rani Gaidinliu
Born - 26 January 1915
Died - 17 February 1993
Achievements - Rani Gaidinliu from Manipur was a fearless Indian freedom fighter who joined the agitation at the age of 13 and headed the movement against the British in the Manipur and Naga belts. The Government of India honored her with the prestigious Padma Bhushan in 1993.

Rani Gaidinliu, who was born at the Nangkao village in Manipur, was an active freedom fighter of India who joined the agitation at the age of 13. She spearheaded an inspiring socio-political movement to cast the British out from the Manipur and Naga belts. It was in 1932 at the age of 16 that Rani Gaidinliu was arrested and put behind bars for life. She could be freed from the jail only after India's independence in 1947. Read this biography to know about the life history of the spunky Rani Gaidinliu.

That Rani Gaidinliu was a charismatic girl was apparent from a very early age. While she was just 13, she grew restive witnessing the prevailing social and political ambience in the hills of Manipur under the British influence. It was at this time that she met prominent local leader Haipou Jadonang at Puilon Village and swayed by his ideas and principles, she launched the revolutionary movement against the British in 1927. However, just when this agitation was beginning to assume enough height to strike, Haipou was arrested by the British and put to death in 1931.

It was from this moment onwards that the responsibility of directing the agitation in the Manipur and Naza hill regions fell on Rani's shoulders. Following this incident, Rani Gaidinliu immediately went underground. Though the British announced a reward of Rs 500 to anybody who would inform them about her whereabouts, the entire village stood together in support of Rani. But she was finally hunted own in October 1932. Rani Gaidinliu was put under life imprisonment for waging war against the British.

Rani Gaidinliu continued to work for the welfare of her people even after her release from jail in 1947. She even set up a resistance agitation against the Naga National Council (NNC)-led insurgents in 1966 and had to go underground due to this. Gaidinliu was respected by everybody for her role as a freedom fighter and was also honored with the prestigious Padma Bhushan in 1993. In her remembrance, the Government of India even issued a postal stamp.