Read about herbs and pregnancy. Know about herbs which are useful during pregnancy.

Herbs and Pregnancy

It is vital that women take special care of themselves during pregnancy. During pregnancy, nutrients are required to create the cells needed to provide for the extra pounds of uterine muscle, nerves, bones, organs, muscles, glands and skin of the fetus, several pounds of amniotic fluid, a placenta and an increase in blood volume. In addition, extra kidney and liver cells are needed to process the waste of both the mother and the child. Such a process requires huge amounts of energy and vigor on the part of the mother and hence it is vital that extra nourishment be taken to meet these requirements. A number of herbs are useful for overcoming certain ailments related to pregnancy. At the same time, it is vital that mothers be aware of the side effects of consuming some other herbs. Read on to know more about the effects of certain herbs over the female reproductive system.

Red Raspberry Leaves
Enriched with iron, red raspberry leaves are very beneficial during pregnancy and particularly tone the uterine musculature, help with the labor pains, and increase the production of milk and control nausea. Though the herb does not have any oxytoxic effect and does not help to promote uterine contractions during labor, it does help to strengthen the uterine and pelvic floor musculatures. This proves particularly beneficial once the labor actually starts, as the contracting muscles become more efficient in providing support.

Nettle Leaves
While talking about nutritive herbs that are beneficial for pregnant mothers, it is almost mandatory to mention nettle leaves, which are regarded as the �store-house� of nutrition. The leaves are particularly high in calcium and iron and serve as an excellent source of folic acid. Consumption of folic acid is very useful during pregnancy and can even prevent conditions like hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Post partum, the herb helps to increase the quantity of breast milk. Nettle leaves are often found commercially in the form of nettle tea, which has a deep, enriching and refreshing flavor. It can be taken either alone or in combination with other herbs. Cooked nettle is a delicious side dish that is cooked with sesame seeds and a dash of lemon juice.

False Unicorn Root
False unicorn root, also called the Starwort or the Helonias root, is one of the best-known vitalizers and tonics for the reproductive system. It has been used time to cure ailments related to the system since a long. The herb is often used to control the vomiting sensation associated with pregnancy and also comes handy to prevent any form of threatened miscarriage.

Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy
The following herbs should be avoided during pregnancy: