Tabletop May Pole is one of the excellent May Day gift craft ideas. Know how to make May Pole from recycling stuff.

Tabletop May Pole

Tabletop May Pole that can be used for several purposes, like as a pen holder or for storing small things (in order to clear up your desk and keep it organized) or even as a vase (to decorate the work desk with flowers). So, it makes an interesting gift idea for Father's Day. The best part of this craft is that you can personalize it easily and decorate it according to your needs and taste. So, be sure that a decorative tabletop may pole will definitely make your father feel special. Apart from making a wonderful Father's Day gift, the craft can also form a wonderful class project for small kids. Given below are the details regarding the tabletop may pole craft.

How To Make May Pole

Things You Will Need
  • Cardboard
  • Fresh or Artificial Flowers
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper Towel Roll
  • Streamers
  • Tape
  • Paint the paper towel roll in any bright color of your choice and keep it for drying.
  • Tape one of the roll to a small piece of cardboard to make it more stable and trim the cardboard on the sides.
  • Now start wrapping colorful steamers around the May Pole and tape it to secure it.
  • Tape strips of streamers inside the top edge of the roll in such a way that they hang on the outside as if firecrackers are bursting.
  • Your tabletop may pole is ready and you can decorate it by putting flowers in it.