Crocheting suncatcher doilies and Christmas tree doily decoration is easy. Know how to make crochet doilies here.

Crocheting Suncatcher Doilies

Crochet suncatcher doilies sell like hot cakes at the time of Christmas, because they make delicate, homemade tree decorations. You can use crochet doilies to decorate your Christmas tree. Doilies of all sizes can be hung up on windows, using suction pump, to make an excellent winter sun catchers. Apart for being a beautiful winter and Christmas craft, the suncatcher doilies look festive, beautiful and delicate. It can also be used as a Christmas gift, birthday gift, Mother's Day gift or a party favor. It is not very difficult to make crocheting suncatcher doilies. Little knowledge of crocheting might be enough for making them. Explore the article to get instructions on how to make crochet suncatcher doilies.

How To Make Crochet Doilies

Materials Required
  • 10 Crochet Thread
  • Iron
  • Knitting Worsted Weight 4 Ply Yarn
  • Metal Hoops
  • Size 10 Steel Crochet Hook
  • Spray Starch
  • Buy metal hoops in different sizes, so that you can make doily suncatcher of different sizes.
  • Crochet any circular doily pattern but adapt it to a size smaller than the inside diameter of the metal hoop.
  • Spray starch on your crocheted doily pattern and iron it flat.
  • Center the doily inside the metal hoop and attach it to the hoop using crochet thread.
  • You have to choose on what points to attach the doily because that may make your doily suncatcher look different.
  • Pull on the pattern while tying the thread so that the doily is taut and stiff.
  • Trim the excess threads to give it a neat look.