Stuffed teddy bears make one of the best gifts for kids and girls. Read on to know how to make a stuffed teddy bear.

Stuffed Teddy Bear Craft

Stuffed teddy bears are one of the most saleable gifts in the market. The simplest reason to for is that the fact they are loved by every body, right from kids to teenage girls. Apart from being used as a playmate, they can be used as show pieces on the bed table or even as a comfy pillow on the bed. Stuffed teddy bears come in various colors and patterns and are not very difficult to make. In case you want to give something special to your kid or your girlfriend, do not look for expensive gift items in the market, simply read the instructions and make this stuffed bear for your loved one.

How To Make Stuffed Teddy Bears

Materials Required
  • Fabric
  • Black Beads or Stickers for Eyes
  • Black Marker
  • Quilting Cotton
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glitter Pen
  • Thread to Sew
  • Needle
  • Ribbon or Frill
  • Color Papers
  • Gum
  • Draw a free hand teddy bear on a paper using marker or scan a copy of easy to crave teddy bear.
  • Now, cut out the shape from the paper and use this paper as a template.
  • Now sketch the same shape on a folded piece of fabric using the black marker, so that you have two identical copies.
  • Cut out both the pieces of the fabric.
  • Now, hold the two pieces with the reverse sides together
  • Now sew around the edges of the cut outs, leaving only a small hole for putting the quilted cotton in.
  • Now, fold the exposing side out and fill the quilting cotton or poly-fill that you have chosen for stuffing. Always stuff more stuffing than you feel is sufficient.
  • Sew the corner which you have left open for stuffing.
  • Use beads on the place of eye balls or use colorful stickers depending upon the color of the fabric you have used.
  • Now cut the colorful papers and stick it to the inner side of the protruded ears of your teddy bear.
  • Tie a ribbon or frill depending upon your wish to your bear's neck.
  • You can also make a nameplate using the colored paper and tie it to its neck ribbon and your teddy bear is ready.