Monkeys look very interesting when carved out like a toy. In case you also love a stuffed monkey, read on how to make one.

Stuffed Monkey Craft

Monkeys are very interesting animals. Their cute activity makes them dear of all. However, as it is not possible to have a real one in your home, you can do with a stuffed replica of the same. Stuffed monkeys are not only charming to look at, but also serve as a smart decoration piece for your bedside table or an interesting hanging on your room plant. Though they come in various colors, it is better to stick to their normal complexions of brown or black, to give them a real look. Want to make a stuffed monkey of your own? Read the instructions given below and carve out one for the little bonsai in your drawing room.

Material Required
  • Fabric (Brown or Black)
  • Black or Red Beads for Eyes
  • Marker
  • Quilting Cotton or Poly-fill
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glitter Pen
  • Thread to Sew
  • Needle
  • Ribbon or Frill
  • Draw or scan the photograph of the monkey, keep in concern that the sketch is quite big and detailed but easy to work with.
  • Now cut out this shape from the paper and use this cut out as a template.
  • Place this template on the fabric on a folded piece of fabric, and cut out carefully. Separate the folds to get two identical copies.
  • Now, flip the two pieces with the wrong sides together and stich around the edge all over except leaving a small hole for putting the stuffing in.
  • Now, flip the original side out and stuff the material you have chosen for stuffing. It is generally better to use quilted cotton.
  • Keep the stuffing tight to an extent that there is no further scope of even air inside.
  • Tightly hold the open corner and sew the corner.
  • Use red or black beads for eye balls. You can also use red stickers over black oblong beads to give interesting eye colors to your monkey.
  • Tie ribbon in a bow shape to his tail to give him a cute look. If you are aspiring to give the look of a female monkey, tie frill ribbons to her neck or a bow on her head near the ears.