Stuffed animals fascinate not only kids, but elders as well. Read on to explore how to make a stuffed dog craft.

Stuffed Dog Craft

Stuffed dogs make an interesting and lovely option for kids to play with. Prepared by using interesting and colorful materials, they look so cute and irresistible that no one simply pass by without cuddling them once. These stuffed dogs are not only loved by the kids, but are also a craze amongst the older girls as well. They can be used as a cuddling pillow, a show piece or a toy, depending upon how you like it. In case you are in love with this stuffed animal, wait no more and make one of your own. How? Simple, by going through this article and exploring a simple way to make your cutie stuffed dog.

How To Make A Stuffed Dog

Material Required
  • Fabric
  • Black Beads for Eyes
  • Marker
  • Quilting Cotton
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glitter Pen
  • Thread to Sew
  • Needle
  • Ribbon
  • Draw or scan the photograph of a dog on a paper in a shape which you will be easy to cut and stuff.
  • Use this paper as a template.
  • Now draw the same shape on a folded piece of fabric, so that you have two identical copies.
  • Now, hold the two pieces with the opposite sides together and sew around the rim, leaving a small hole for putting the cotton in.
  • Now, flip the right side out and stuff the quilting cotton or polyfill you have chosen for stuffing.
  • Always keep in mind that you stuff more stuffing than you think is sufficient.
  • Now, start sewing the corner you have left open till now.
  • Use beads on the place of eye balls to give your stuff dog a real like appearance.
  • You can make patterns using marker and glitter pen on the body of your stuffed dog if you wish. You can also tie ribbon to his tail to make it look attractive.