Snowman Doll Christmas Ornament is one of the Christmas ornament craft ideas. Learn how to make Snowman Doll ornaments.

Snowman Doll Christmas Ornament

It is Christmas time and kids are enjoying their holidays, making you mad with their mischief. To make kids busy, why don't you try teaching them some crafts? With some interesting crafts, they will not only enjoy their holidays, but also indulge in their creative. In this context, snowman doll is one of the best options. It makes an interesting playmate for small kids in winters, especially during Christmas and holiday season. An easy doll making craft, kids will certainly love making it and enjoy playing with the tiny dolls. Though snowman doll is an easy craft, it is preferred to let the kids make it under an adult's supervision only. You can tape a looped string at its back and use these snowman dolls as Christmas tree ornaments or simply Christmas ornaments. Below, we have provided instructions on preparing snowman doll Christmas ornaments, just for you.

How To Make Snowman Doll Ornaments

Material Required
  • Black Felt
  • Circular Lid With 2" Diameter
  • Circular Lid With 3" Diameter
  • Hot Glue
  • Needle
  • Pencil
  • Polyester Fiberfill
  • Scissors
  • Thread to Sew
  • White Fleece Fabric
  • Wide Red Ribbon
  • Trace 2 overlapping 3" circles, using the circular lid and pencil, on the wrong side of the fleece.
  • Cut out the overlapping part to give you a leaf-like shape.
  • Now use it to trace three more leafs on the fleece and cut them.
  • Sew the edges of the leaves together on the wrong side of fleece, leaving one opening only.
  • Turn the ball-like shape inside out through that opening and fill it with polyester fiberfill well.
  • When the ball attains a perfect round shape, sew the opening from outside using small and neat stitches. This will make the body of your snowman.
  • Make a similar ball using the circle of 2" diameter. This will make the head of the snowman.
  • Stitch the head of the snowman on its body.
  • Cut out eyes, mouth and buttons from the black felt.
  • Glue the eyes and mouth on snowman's face and buttons in a row on the center of its body.
  • Tie the ribbon around its neck as the muffler and trim its ends.
  • Cut out a circle from the black felt.
  • Cut open its radius and fold it into a cone and sick the ends together using glue.
  • Stick it on the snowman as the cap.