Rustic light switch plate is an easy decorative painting craft. Painting light switch plate for garden and home decor can be very creative.

Rustic Light Switch Plate

Perfect for rustic interiors, outdoors, gardens and even to be put on picket fence, rustic light switch plate is quite easy to make. You can also get the kids involved in making the craft, for painting the sticks for the plate and glue them to the light switch plate, but only in the case it has not been installed already. Apart from serving as an adornment for your house, the plate can also be made for gifting purposes, especially on Christmas party, housewarming party, and the like. In case you want to learn more about this rustic light switch plate, just have a look at the details given below.

Painting Light Switch Plate for Garden and Home D�cor
  • Acrylic Paint in Different Colors such as White, Green and Gold
  • Clear Enamel
  • Hot Glue
  • Light Switch Plate
  • Old Pair of Scissors
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Small Wooden or Silk Flowers
  • Attach Popsicle sticks to the light switch plate in such a manner that some part of it projects from the upper edge of the plate.
  • Cut the Popsicle sticks as required to let one reach the switch later on. Attach one or two Popsicle sticks to both sides of the plate.
  • Cut all the sticks that have to cover the area above and below the hole for the switch in such a manner that their upper end is at same level as the first or second stick (projecting out), and part of the rest of the stick is glued to the bottom of the switch hole.
  • In the end, attach one or two whole Popsicle sticks again to the switch plate for the balanced look.
  • Cut the tips of Popsicle sticks projecting at the upper end of the plate in the shape of the fence tip to resemble the garden fence.
  • Now paint all the Popsicle sticks in white, green or golden brown color. Attach flowers to your switch plate fence and if they are wooden, paint them too in different colors.
  • You may also paint the vines around the flowers. For preservation purposes, spray on or brush on the enamel on the switch plate, once the paint dries completely and your rustic light switch plate is now ready to use.