Making royal Easter eggs is trash to treasure Easter eggs craft project and one of the jeweled Easter egg crafts.

Making Royal Easter Eggs

Royal Easter eggs present an interesting craft, which is also easy enough to be made by kids. They can be presented as gift to your friends and relatives on Easter or to your mom on Mother's Day. These royal decorated eggs can also be used as table centerpieces for Easter dinner. All you need to make them is some cheap or fake jewellery items or beads from broken and outdated jewellery pieces. If you can find a broken wine glass stem, it can make an excellent crystal stand for your egg or else you may buy any other cheap egg stand from market. This is almost a 'Trash to Treasure' craft project, as mostly uses recycled items are used in making it. In the following lines, we have given the method of preparing royal Easter eggs.

How To Make Jeweled Easter Egg Craft

Material Required
  • Assorted Jewels and Gold Beads (such as Earring whose pair has been lost, beads from broken necklaces and other such items)
  • Cheap Plastic Egg
  • Egg Stand or Broken Wine Glass Stem
  • Golden or Silver Rick Rack or Ribbon
  • Golden Spray Paint or Acrylic Craft Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Paint Brush
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Thin Golden or Silver Braid
  • Two Ribbon Roses
  • Open up the plastic Easter egg and paint it in golden color using acrylic paint and paint brush or spray paint.
  • Let both the parts dry completely and then piece them back together.
  • Glue the egg to the egg stand using the hot glue.
  • When dry, put both ends back together.
  • Using the hot glue, glue the egg to the egg stand or the broken wine glass stem.
  • If you are using other glass stand options, you may want to paint it golden too.
  • Hot glue ribbon or golden or silver rick rack over the egg starting at the joint at the center of the egg.
  • Experiment with jewels and beads a bit to get the look you want and you may need the pencil to make the marks while you are still planning where to put them on the egg.
  • You may want to put the most beautiful jewel or the biggest stone at the center of the egg and surround it with beads or faux pearls to highlight it.
  • Put the two ribbon roses near the centerpiece to highlight it more, though you may want to use other creative methods to do so.
  • Hot glue gold beads from the bottom of the egg visible after being kept on the egg stand upwards to make a beautiful base for your jeweled royal Easter egg.
  • At the top of the egg, you can place a large stone for the dramatic effect and frame it using outer circle of stones and beads and the gold or silver braid.