Cereal box Puppet Theater is one of the puppetry craft projects. It can be a recycle fun craft for kids.

Cereal Box Puppet Theater

To keep kids and toddlers entertained for a long time, putting up a show in a small cereal box puppet theater is a good idea. Holding the puppet theatre in one hand, you can put on shows with finger puppets, Popsicle stick puppets or straw puppets. It also gives you an opportunity to perform your child�s much loved stories and encourage them to use it as well. Apart from being a source of enjoyment, it also has an added benefit of being used for the purpose of giving an educative and learning experience to the kids. Such a puppet show is an excellent idea for kids' birthday parties as well. A cereal box puppet theater can be easily made at home, with the minimum expense of time and effort. Read on to learn more about the craft.

Puppetry Craft Project

Things You Will Need
  • Colored Construction Paper or Fabric Piece for Stage Curtains
  • Glue
  • Large Empty Cereal Box
  • Old Newspapers
  • Paint Brush
  • Pencil
  • Poster Paint in Any Color
  • Scissors
  • Cover your workspace with the old newspapers to protect it from scratches or paint splashes and stains.
  • To make the bottom of the puppet theater, cut the top off the cereal box and Paint the box using poster paint and paintbrush and let it dry completely.
  • On the front side of the box, cut a rectangular hole leaving 2 inches on all sides to make the stage of the theater so that the box do not fall apart.
  • Draw and cut out stage curtains from the colored construction paper or fabric and glue them to the box.
  • A tiny rectangle of contrasting color paper can be glued to the center of the paper curtain to pretend for a curtain tie-back or use twist-tie tie back for fabric curtains.
  • Carry this puppet stage in one hand and do puppetry shows with the other hand.