Recycle paper baskets are part of festive holiday basket crafts. Know how to make holiday paper reed baskets here.

Recycle Paper Baskets

Gifts packed in beautiful baskets look very attractive. There are various kinds of decorated baskets available in the market that you can use for the purpose. However, have you ever thought about making these baskets on your own? If not, then do so now. Packing the gifts in handmade baskets will surely give a personal touch to them. You can also make recycled paper baskets, which are eco-friendly; easy to make and do not require any expensive supplies as well. These baskets can also serve as a nice decoration piece and even used for storage purposes. You can also introduce kids to the craft, as weaving them is a fun activity that they will surely enjoy, especially in the form of holiday pastime. Below, we are giving you information as how to use old newspapers to weave a wonderful basket for decoration, storage or playing purposes.

How To Make Holiday Paper Reed Basket

Material Required
  • Craft Paints in desired Colors
  • Glue stick
  • Newspaper
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Cut out eight newspaper pieces in a rectangle of 13 ½ by 22 inches and four newspaper pieces that are a rectangle of 11 by 27 inches.
  • Tightly roll the longer edge of the newspaper pieces to make a newspaper tube reed.
  • Flatten the tube reed and glue the open edge.
  • Now lay down four 22-inch long reeds side by side on a flat surface and weave the other four 22 inch reeds, positioned to the center, to form the bottom of the basket.
  • Then fold the unwoven part of the paper reeds to form the side spokes.
  • Now tape one end of one of the 27-inch long reed to the base of a spoke and weave it in and out of the side spokes all around to form the basket.
  • Tuck the other end behind a spoke.
  • Weave in other reeds, in similar fashion, one above the other.
  • Fold the spoke tops into the basket and tuck them behind a reed.
  • Paint the finished basket well inside and outside. You may even paint and add decorative symbols to your paper basket.