Making fabric lunch sack or recycling jeans lunch bag is easy. Know how to make lunch bag from recycled clothing.

Making Fabric Lunch Sack

Fabric lunch sack is a quite simple and easy to make craft, having the added benefit of stylish looks and easily wash-ability. It can be used by children, teens and as well as office-going people, for carry their lunch. The lunch sack can make an excellent back to school craft project and also serve as a good party favor for your teens. A wonderful craft, it also presents the best way to recycle old jeans, pants and trousers. Fabric lunch sack can even be gifted by kids to their dad, on Father's Day, and if they have working moms, they can make this as a Mother's Day gift too. Like other crafts, this one also requires some patience and creativity. Read on to know more

How to Make Lunch Bag from Recycled Clothing

Things You Will Need
  • Cord for Drawstrings
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Needle
  • Old Denim Jeans
  • Scissors
  • Thread to Sew
  • Firstly cut one of the legs of the jeans, about one foot from the bottom of the leg.
  • Turn it inside out in such a way that the wrong side of fabric faces out and right side faces inwards.
  • Cut out a circle from the rest of the jeans that is about ½ inch larger in diameter than the leg's circumference to the bottom side.
  • Sew the edges of the circle with wrong side facing out to the bottom edge of the cutout jeans leg.
  • Fold the upper edge from the top of the leg by half an inch and sew it so that it forms a casing.
  • Thread the cord through it and tie the knots at both the ends of the cord so that the ends do not slide inside the casing. Turn the bag inside out.
  • Use any embroidery pattern to decorate the lunch sack and it is ready to use.