Learn Jack O Lantern pumpkin carving and how to carve pumpkins for Halloween to make unusual Jack O Lanterns for kids.

Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Carving

A popular Halloween craft, Jack O Lantern pumpkin carving is sure to make a good impression on your friends, neighbors and relatives. Carving pumpkin in this pattern is the traditional way of doing it. It is very easy and only takes a few essential tools. Babies, toddlers and smaller kids will love to help you in making this Jack-o-lantern, by putting their hands down on the paper, for you to trace them. This Jack O Lantern pumpkin is a bit unusual too and seems to be very innocent in front of all those scary pumpkins out there. Let us explore the details related to this craft.

How To Carve Pumpkins For Halloween

Things You Will Need
  • Candle
  • Marker
  • Paper
  • Pumpkin
  • Scissors
  • Sharp Knife
  • Tape
  • Trace the child's hands on the paper. Draw out the eye-stencil pattern, two pointed eyebrows, drop-shaped nostrils and an inverted triangle (with corners rounded off) for the mouth.
  • Cut out the lid of the pumpkin and empty its contents. Tape the paper pattern on the pumpkin and trace eyes, nostrils and mouth on it using dotted line with the tip of the knife.
  • Trace the hands to both the sides of the pumpkin. Peel off the paper and carefully carve out the pattern on the pumpkin using the knife.
  • Remember to hold the knife a little at angle with handle a little upwards and tip of the knife facing downwards.
  • Take your time to carve it smoothly and then give the pieces a little push from inside so they fall out.
  • Fix the candle inside by burning it, pour a drop or two of molten wax and attach the candle base to it.
  • Burn the candle and you are ready with your Jack O Lantern craft for Halloween.