Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree is one of the edible Christmas crafts. Learn how to make Christmas tree from icecream cones here.

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree

An ice cream cone is a wonderful treat for Christmas. It is a fun and easy holiday treat, which kids of all ages can easily make. They will certainly love to decorate their 'special' Christmas tree. The edible Christmas trees need no baking. Ice cream cone Christmas tree make great Christmas party activity for kids and they can even eat them later! The only thing is that little ones may try to cheat and eat most of the decorations you provide them, instead of adorning up their very own Christmas tree. For that matter, even adults with sweet tooth may chew on some of your beads! Given below is the providing method for preparing an ice cream cone Christmas tree.

How To Make Christmas Tree From Ice Cream Cones

  • Cake Decorating Toppings or Sprinkles
  • Green Frosting
  • Paper Plates
  • Small Candies in Different Shapes and Colors as Decorations
  • Sugar Ice-cream Cones
  • Tiny M&Ms as Beads
  • Turn the cone upside down on a paper plate.
  • Cover it with green frosting to resemble the conical Christmas tree.
  • Use candies, toppings, sprinkles and M&Ms as Christmas tree ornaments.
  • Your ice cream cone Christmas tree is ready to eat.