Humpty Dumpty Balloon Sculpture is an easy balloon craft for kids and balloon sculpting craft idea.

Humpty Dumpty Balloon Sculpture

Balloon sculpture is an interesting craft liked by kids and adults alike. Beautifully hand-crafted balloon sculptures are the perfect decoration material for all occasions, whether elegant or pure fun. Make a personal impression with balloon sculptures at weddings, events, holidays, and kid's parties. Humpty Dumpty balloon sculpture is one of the simplest balloon craft that you can learn without much effort. Even kids can make it with a little practice and a help of their elders. It is one of the most popular attention-grabber for clowns to entertain kids at parties or even in the hospitals. You can also give them away as party favors to your little, sweet guests after the party. So, what are you thinking of? Use your creativity and start having fun with colorful balloons. You can blow the balloons with your mouth or you can even use an air pump for your convenience. Given below is the method for preparing Humpty Dumpty balloon sculpture.

How To Make Humpty Dumpty Balloon Sculpture

Things Required
  • 6-inch Heart Shaped Balloons
  • Permanent Black Marker
  • An air pump
  • Inflate the balloon while holding the balloon in your hand.
  • Do not inflate it too much and try to keep one side a little less inflated than the other side, so that it doesn't make the proper heart shape.
  • Tie the end of the balloon in a twist.
  • The twisted end will make the back or rather a tiny tail of your Humpty Dumpty balloon sculpture.
  • The less inflated side of the heart will make the head of the Humpty Dumpty while the bigger side will make its tummy.
  • Draw eyes, nose and mouth on the head of your sculpture using the marker.
  • Draw arms on the tummy of Humpty Dumpty.
  • Make a big dot in the centre of the tummy with the help of a marker to give the effect of a belly button.