Making balloon animals such as easy balloon fish is a fun activity for kids. Learn how to make balloon fish here.

Easy Balloon Fish

Children simply love to play with balloon animals. Some of the most popular balloon sculptures include animals, such as dogs, cats, mice and monkey. Along with all these, the balloon fish also finds a special place. In fact, it is one of the basic animal crafts that a beginner can start with. Balloon fish is not very difficult to make. If you are planning to throw an enthralling party for your child on his/her birthday, then balloon fish crafts can serve as wonderful decorative items for the venue. You can even use them as party favors for your little guests. Kids would love to learn how to make them too, and they can spend hours practicing these balloon crafts. Given below are the instructions for making easy balloon fish craft.

How To Make Easy Balloon Fish

Things You Will Need
  • 16-inch Small Round Balloon
  • 1 Long Balloon (about 2 inches in diameter and 60 inches in length)
  • Bit of Another Long Balloon
  • Black Marker
  • Blow up the long balloon, but make sure not to blow it fully, so that you can twist it and fold it easily, and tie it at the end.
  • Inflate the round balloon again not blowing fully, until it attains a somewhat oval shape.
  • Tie the longer balloon around the round balloon in such a way that both ends of the round balloon project a little at the end.
  • On the front end of the fish, make the tiny loop from the longer balloon to make the lip for the fish and twist it together and then twist once more to make the other lip of the fish.
  • Twist at an equal distance from the either end to form the bubble. Make sure the round balloon should not turn around.
  • Now, twist both the end bubbles together to make the tail of the fish.
  • When the balloons are tied together, tie one end of the piece of long balloon and inflate one end of it and twist a little before half point to form the bubble.
  • Insert the flat end inside the long balloon behind the lips and inflate the other half of the bit and tie the end.
  • Rotate it to hide the end knots downwards and you have the eyes for your fish.
  • Now, use the marker to draw eyes and fins of your balloon fish.
  • Kids below 7 years should not try this balloon fish without the guidance of an elder.
  • Make sure you use balloons made of good material, as they will not burst too easily.
  • Keep balloons out of the reach of small kids. If they eat them, it may block their throat.