Easter Bunny Pom Pom Pencil is an easy Easter Bunny Pencils craft. Learn how to make Easter Bunny Pom Poms here

Easter Bunny Pom Pom Pencil

Easter bunny pom-pom pencil makes the perfect Easter craft for kids. The Easter bunnies look cute and are very attractive. This is a good craft, because it is very easy to make. Moreover, the materials needed for the same are easily available in the market. The craft can be personalized, depending upon the gender and taste of an individual. Small kids would love to receive Easter Bunny Pencils as their gifts for the festival. Besides being Easter Bunny pencil toppers, Easter Bunny Pom Poms can also be used for decorating gifts and as wall decoration. If you want to make beautiful Easter bunny pom pom pencils, then this article is what you need. Given below are the instructions and materials needed for making the craft.

How To Make Easter Bunny Pom Pom Pencil

Things You Will Need
  • Pencils
  • 1 Large White Pom Pom
  • 2 Medium White Pom Poms
  • 1 Small Pink Pompom
  • Blue Ribbon for Boys or Pink Ribbon for Girls
  • Tiny Milk Cap for Boys or Heart Beads for Girls
  • White Chenille Stems or Pipe Cleaners
  • 2 Tiny Google Eyes
  • Tacky Glue
  • Black Paint
  • Felt Fabric in White and Appropriate Colors for Boys and Girls
  • Glue two medium white pompoms together in order to form the lips of the bunny.
  • Glue it below the large white pom pom, which will be the forehead of the Easter bunny.
  • Glue on the small pink pompom nose to your bunny and then stick the google eyes in place.
  • Make two identical loops from the chenille stem or pipe cleaner to make the ear of the bunny.
  • Stick the ears in place and cover them with ears made up of felt fabric to make soft bunny ears.
  • Now stick the cap for a boy bunny and heart beads as hairpin below the ears for girl bunny.
  • Shape the ribbon bow with tails for the girl bunny from the pink ribbon or bow tie for the boy bunny from the blue ribbon and glue it below the Easter bunny head.
  • Now, you may glue this Easter bunny pompom to the top of the pencil as a pencil topper and present it to kids.