Homemade clown pouch is a home decor sewing craft. Making pierrot doll pouch for decoration requires sewing skills.

Homemade Clown Pouch

Though clown pouch may require advanced level of sewing skills, it is very useful craft. You can use it to keep letters and envelopes, laundry or your knick-knacks. You can make it longer to keep more clothes, but be sure that it should not be loaded much. It also looks beautiful and funky in kids' room. It can be either hanged on the door or on the wall. You can experiment with the costume and face of the clown to give it different looks. You can make smiling face or sad face, according to you choice. The beautiful clown pouch is not much difficult to make too. The clown doll craft requires intermediate sewing skills and kids will need the assistance of elders to make it. Given below are the instructions for preparing a homemade clown pouch.

Making Pierrot Doll Pouch For Decoration

Materials Required
  • Chalk
  • Craft Glue
  • Needle
  • Ribbon to Suspend Clown From
  • Scissors
  • Stick to Stuff
  • Thick Skin Color Nylon Thread
  • Thread to Sew Clothes
  • For Clown's Body:
  • 5" Length Bamboo Stick
  • Absorbent Cotton
  • Embroidery Thread for Eyes
  • Polyester Fiberfill
  • Red Felt Piece
  • Rouge for Cheeks
  • Skin Color Felt
  • Woolen Yarn
  • For Clown's Clothes:
  • Elastic Or Rubber Thread
  • Fabric for Clothes (Striped or Polka Dot Pattern)
  • Felt Sheet for Cap And Shoes
  • Red Fabric for Collar
  • Zipper

Pattern Of Clown's Body
  • On the wrong side of the skin color felt, use the chalk to make the pattern.
  • Make a square. Round off the edges and curve the sides a bit, with the chalk.
  • In the center of the left side of the square, make a greater than sign with its open end touching the edge of the square.
  • On the right side, make a less than sign.
  • Cut the rounded square and the signs from it. This will be the face of the clown.
  • The upper part will be the forehead while the lower part will be the face of the clown.
  • Cut out two such squares.
  • Make a pot like shape and flatten its sides.
  • Bottom side of the pot should be very flat while the neck of the pot will be the neck of the clown.
  • Cut out two such pieces to make the body of the clown.
  • Make two parallel lines that are slightly curved and end in comma-head shape to make the arm of the clown.
  • Cut out four such pieces to make the arms of the clown.
  • Sew the face pieces together on the wrong side of the fabric, leaving the bottom opening.
  • Turn it inside out.
  • Stuff it well with polyester fiberfill and sew the opening together
  • Embroider the eyes and nose of the clown.
  • Cut out a mouth of the red felt and glue it on the face.
  • Loop the woolen yarn together several times and tie it tightly in the center.
  • Stitch it from the center to the head of the clown.
  • Cut the yarn ends to make the hair of the clown.
  • Brush rouge on clown's cheeks in a circular pattern.
  • Sew the body pieces together, leaving the opening at the end.
  • Turn the clown's body inside out.
  • Wrap the absorbent cotton on the stick and stuff it in the body.
  • When the body is well stuffed, cut the neck diagonally for about one-third of an inch.
  • Cut out a slit in the lower head on the back of the clown and insert a stick in it.
  • Let a little part of the stick projecting out and insert it in the clown neck as you position the clown's neck to the clown's body and stick it together.
  • Stitch edges of two pieces of the arms together on the wrong side of the fabric and turn it inside out from the opening on the upper end.
  • Use the stick to fill it with polyester fiberfill and sew the opening together.
  • Make another arm similarly.
  • Stitch the arms to the clown's body.
  • Stitch ribbon to the back of the clown to suspend it from.
Clown's Clothes
  • Cut out a half circle from the felt sheet for clown's cap.
  • Make a cone of the circle and stitch its edges. Turn the edge of the cap for about an inch.
  • Stitch the cap on the head of the clown.
  • On the wrong side of the fabric, make a pattern for the shoes, using the chalk.
  • Cut four pieces and stitch the edges of two pieces together, on the wrong side, to make two shoes.
  • Turn the shoes inside out and stuff them with polyester fiberfill and sew the opening together.
  • Sew a one-piece for your joker but make the belly of the joker much longer than the actual body, so that you can put things in it.
  • Make sure that the back of the joker has a zipper, after the portion that hides the body of the clown, so that it can easily be opened up and closed back.
  • Tighten the cuffs on the arms and legs using elastic.
  • Insert shoes in the legs of the one-piece and elastic should hold them in place.
  • Cut out six-inch wide strip of fabric, fold it in half and stitch its edges.
  • Make a collar from the fabric using the gathering stitch and stitch it on clown's dress.