Find clothing crafts, apparels craft projects and wearable crafts ideas here.

Clothing Crafts

Clothing Crafts
Clothing crafts also help you to use old clothing and transform them into entirely new thing, which can be used as a keepsake or a wonderful gift. Some of the popular clothing crafts are baby clothing bouquet, birthday t-shirt fun, basic convertible dress and Stephanie Halloween costume. Clothing crafts include wearable craft ideas such as Stephanie costume for Halloween and gift-wrapping apparels craft projects such as baby clothing bouquet. You can also make a funky birthday T-shirt. Fooling around with fun foams and colors can serve as a birthday party activity.

Clicking funny photographs of the birthday T-shirt designing process and the birthday boy or girl finally wearing the T-shirt will be a moment to be cherished forever. Convertible dress is just a priceless idea. It is so versatile and can be draped in so many styles that you will feel like making several dresses at once. Making this dress is very easy. Moreover, you can entertain yourself for hours by experimenting on how to wear it in different styles. It can look stylish, formal, demure and sexy, just by the way you wear and carry it. In this section, we have given some wonderful ideas for making clothing crafts.

Baby Clothing Bouquet
Baby clothing bouquet is one of the most beautiful and perfect baby gifts that you can make yourself. Though it comprises of simple baby clothes, it is the way of presenting them that makes the gift stand out among others. It is very simple and easy to make and takes less than half an hour on your part.

Birthday T-Shirt Fun
Making crafts is an interesting birthday party activity for kids. Even adults enjoy participating in it, because it is a lot of fun to make cute crafts for their beloved, on the glorious occasion of birthday. A birthday t-shirt can be a nice present for your loved one and it is an easy homemade craft too.

Basic Convertible Dress
A convertible dress is an amazing way to exhibit your talent and creativity. Gone are those days when you had to think about which dress to wear. Today, with the convertible dress, it is possible to make your presence felt, that too in several unique styles. This convertible dress is quite easy to make and requires basic sewing skills.

Stephanie Halloween Costume
Stephanie is a popular character from Lazy Town, a children television series. She is an 8-year-old cute little girl, with pink hair, pink outfits and pink accessories. She is the niece of the mayor of Lazy Town. If, on this year's Halloween party, you want to dress up as Stephanie, start making the costume right away.