Christmas cat angel is an easy Christmas tree ornament. Learn how to make Christmas kitty angel ornament here.

Christmas Cat Angel

The festive season of Christmas serves as the perfect backdrop for celebrating wonderful occasions, such as family reunion, housewarming etc. The season becomes even more special, when your loved one's birthday is celebrated during the holidays. Cute and small crafts can serve both as favors (for your birthday party) and ornament (for your Christmas tree). Tiny cat angel is one such ornament, which is easy to make and economical as well. The lace wings, soft furry body and golden halo make the cat angel look cute and adorable. It makes excellent birthday party favor too. Even kids can make this Christmas cat angel, with the help of adults. All you need is few supplies, which are easily available at craft stores, and a little bit of creativity. Given below are the instructions for easy to make Christmas cat angel ornament.

How To Make Christmas Kitty Angel Ornament

Things You Will Need
  • Chalk
  • Glue
  • Golden Braid (for Halo Ring)
  • Lace (for Wings)
  • Needle
  • Pink and Black Felt (for Eyes and Inside Ears)
  • Polyester Fiberfill
  • Scissors
  • Starch
  • Thick Embroidery Pink Thread (for Nose, Mouse and Whiskers)
  • Thread (to Sew)
  • White Furry Fleece
  • Draw patterns on the wrong side of the fabric, using chalk.
  • Make a 'U' with its sides slightly tapering and make a shallow 'V' to join its sides to make the face and ears of the cat.
  • Cut out two pieces and sew them together, leaving an opening at the neck.
  • Turn the fabric inside out and sew inside ears, cut out from pink felt.
  • Stitch the pink eyes with smaller black felt eyes on the top on the face of the cat.
  • Embroider nose, mouth and whiskers of the cat, using pink thread.
  • Stuff polyester fiberfill in the cat's face and stitch the opening.
  • Cut out two pieces of long thin rectangle with one pointed end for the cat's tail.
  • Sew them together on the wrong side, turn it inside out and stuff it with the fiberfill.
  • Similarly, make cat's arms. Make sure that they are shorter than the tail and in proportion to the cat angel's body.
  • Make the body of the cat on the wrong side of the fabric with a rounded 'V' turned upside down on a straight rectangle, slit in between at the lower end to make legs of the cat.
  • Cut out two pieces, sew them together on the wrong side of fabric leaving an opening, turn it upside down, stuff it with the fiberfill and sew the opening.
  • Now, sew the cat's head, body and arms together.
  • Starch the lace stiff to make the wings of the cat.
  • Cut the wings for the cat angel from the lace and stitch them to its back.
  • Glue the golden braid as the halo ring on top of the Christmas angel cat.