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Children Crafts

Children Crafts
Have you ever tried making beautiful things from waste or trash products? If no, then this section would be extremely useful for you to transform your junk into functional materials. Teach your child how to make useful products, such as piggy banks, decorative pots or even map holders, out of waste materials. In the process of teaching your kid these beautiful things, you also get to spend quality time with your little one. Remember, kids love to make creative crafts, either to add to their already brimming treasure box or to give as gift to their mother, father, teachers and all other near and dear ones.

Crafts are great educational and entertainment idea and can make interesting party activities for kids. If neatly done, the crafts are sure to make lasting impression on the minds of your beloved people. So, instead of following the customary practice of purchasing gift items from the store, this year be a little distinctive and make something artistic. The children crafts, given here, are not only easy activities and projects, but also help making useful products. However, make sure that you are around our child, as the crafts require adult supervision and assistance. In this section, we have provided unique children crafts ideas.

Bird Bank for Kids
It is very important to inculcate in children the habit of saving, right from a tender age. During this time, children are na�ve and can easily get into bad habits. Thus, bird bank, made from waste, makes a perfect craft for older kids. Apart from appearing beautiful and encouraging children to save their money, it also helps children learn that waste products can also be useful.

Birthday Candle
A birthday is not complete without a beautiful candle adorning the cake. So why not gift your loved one an attractive birthday candle, to make the occasion all the more memorable. Birthday candles are very simple and easy to make. You can also personalize a birthday candle by painting it in a special way.

Box Town for Children
A box town for children demands a little creativity, which can turn trash into a most beautiful art piece. Mainly a kindergarten craft, it is a fun to create and requires minimal effort. This box town can be used as part of a science model as well as an arts and crafts display.

Decorative Pots
For moms who love gardening, there is nothing better than a decorative pot to adore the look of their garden. Easy to make, these decorative pots become excellent class craft projects for young children & gifts for moms. Though the beautification done on the pot is extremely attractive to look at, message written on the pot definitely steals the show.

Easy Balloon Fish
Children simply love to play with balloon animals. Some of the most popular balloon sculptures include animals, such as dogs, cats, mice and monkey. Along with all these, the balloon fish also finds a special place. In fact, it is one of the basic animal crafts that a beginner can start with. Balloon fish is not very difficult to make.

Easy Landscape Drawing
Kids often find making landscapes difficult; especially, the ones that are not so endowed with artistic skills. Here, we will tell you how to make an easy and beautiful hillside landscape. We will use easy patterns to sketch the basic landscape and then, you can details by experimenting with colors.

Helping Hand
Are you looking for a perfect gift option for your mom for Mother's Day? If yes, then you are at the right place. While anyone can get a gift from the market, this time be little different and make something special for your mom. Remember, moms never eye for expensive or pricey gifts.

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree
An ice cream cone is a wonderful treat for Christmas. It is a fun and easy holiday treat, which kids of all ages can easily make. They will certainly love to decorate their 'special' Christmas tree. The edible Christmas trees need no baking. Ice cream cone Christmas tree make great Christmas party activity for kids and they can even eat them later!

Map Holder for Kids
Map holders have immense utility and make great craft option for both, teenagers and adults alike. Adventurous kids will love to use their map holders, while playing treasure hunt games. They can actually be used to keep maps safe, while traveling and driving around.

Potted Plant
Teacher's Day is a great occasion to express gratitude and thankfulness to your teacher and what better way to articulate the feeling than with a gift. Gifts, have long since, dominated the art of expressing thanks. This Teacher's Day, let your kindergartener make a special gift for his/her teacher.

Stephanie Costume
Stephanie is a popular character from Lazy Town, a children television series. She is an 8-year-old cute little girl, with pink hair, pink outfits and pink accessories. She is the niece of the mayor of Lazy Town. If, on this year's Halloween party, you want to dress up as Stephanie, start making the costume right away.

Travel Activity Box
Are you tired of keeping small kids entertained during a long drive? Do you find it very tricky and challenging? If the answer is yes, you do not need to worry any more. Use a bit of your creativity and start making a travel activity box for your kid. The activity box may require some time and effort of your part, but will surely keep your children bust while traveling, since it acts as a great entertainment tool for them.

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