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Boxes Crafts

Boxes Crafts
Craft making is one of the best ways to keep children busy and involved in their leisure time. It not only helps keep the children out of mischief, but also develops their imagination, creativity and innovative power. Amongst the most popular types of kids' crafts, one can easily count boxes craft, which is pleasurable and much enjoyed by the kids. With such crafts, they get a chance to experiment with their thoughts, concepts and materials. The crafts falling in 'box' category usually require an assortment of materials that are easily available in the house itself, with a few of them being easily available in any stationery shop.

Boxes arts and craft mainly make use of household boxes, along with tissue paper roll and other recyclable items. These craft projects include designing gift boxes, using waste plastic bottles to a beautiful and funky bird bank for children, make towns and other items to play with. Travel activity box is a great entertainment tool for small kids and keeps them entertained for hours at a stretch, while treasure chest book, made by using a recycled box to make a beautiful double-hinged book, will make your studies a fun thing to do. All these crafts are fun to make and mostly use trash. Children would love to make and play with them.

Baby Gift Box
Kids are more observant than most adults on how you present a gift. They will love to receive a personalized gift wrapped up in the beautiful box you have designed yourself for them. This beautiful box is easy to make and an excellent idea for the presentation of baby shower gifts

Bird Bank for Kids
It is very important to inculcate in children the habit of saving, right from a tender age. During this time, children are na�ve and can easily get into bad habits. Thus, bird bank, made from waste, makes a perfect craft for older kids. Apart from appearing beautiful and encouraging children to save their money, it also helps children learn that waste products can also be useful.

Box Town for Children
A box town for children demands a little creativity, which can turn trash into a most beautiful art piece. Mainly a kindergarten craft, it is a fun to create and requires minimal effort. This box town can be used as part of a science model as well as an arts and crafts display.

Cereal Box Puppet Theater
To keep kids and toddlers entertained for a long time, putting up a show in a small cereal box puppet theater is a good idea. Holding the puppet theatre in one hand, you can put on shows with finger puppets, Popsicle stick puppets or straw puppets. It also gives you an opportunity to perform your child�s much loved stories

Travel Activity Box
Are you tired of keeping small kids entertained during a long drive? Do you find it very tricky and challenging? If the answer is yes, you do not need to worry any more. Use a bit of your creativity and start making a travel activity box for your kid. The activity box may require some time and effort of your part

Treasure Chest Book
The double-hinged treasure chest book makes a wonderful gift for kids. It proves to be a step by step guide for children, to explore things. It can serve many purposes; say kids can use the top paper to write a word and the bottom to write the definition. It can be easily used as a personal diary as well.

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