Block printed writing paper is an interesting writing paper craft for teacher. Learn how to make handmade writing paper here.

Block Printed Writing Paper

Kids love to make different crafts and holidays present the best time for them to try some out. They can make some useful craft to be gifted to their parents or teachers on numerous occasions. In this context, one craft that comes into mind is the block printed writing paper. The writing paper will make interesting stationery for teacher and serve as a practical gift for Teacher's Day or be gifted to father on hid birthday. Though the craft is easy, it will take a little practice to make it neatly. It may take a few tries to cut out a good block pattern and pressure and print it nicely on the paper. Smaller kids should take the help of adults to carve out a block and make sure never to use a knife unsupervised. Read on to explore the method of making the block printed writing paper. We assure you that this gift made by you will certainly be admired by your parents and teachers.

How To Make Handmade Writing Paper

Materials Required
  • Plain Writing Paper
  • Potato
  • Knife
  • Poster Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Old Newspapers
  • Cover your workplace with old newspapers.
  • Slice the potato in half and then make a pattern on one half of the potato using the tip of the knife.
  • Carve a potato block by gorging other parts of the potato out leaving only the patterns shape of the potato jutting out.
  • Let the potato air dry for a day.
  • Then brush the pattern with the paint color and press it on the writing paper all around the edges of the paper to form a decorative border on it.
  • Decorate about 20 or so writing papers.
  • Remember not to stack the papers on top of each other until the paint dries completely.
  • Pack the writing papers nicely and attach a gift tag with your name and grade on it.