Birthday T-shirt is a fun birthday craft activity. Learn how to make birthday shirt here.

Birthday T-Shirt Fun

Making crafts is an interesting birthday party activity for kids. Even adults enjoy participating in it, because it is a lot of fun to make cute crafts for their beloved, on the glorious occasion of birthday. A birthday t-shirt can be a nice present for your loved one and it is an easy homemade craft too. You may easily adapt it as a party activity and make different patterns and designs for the birthday t-shirt, with interesting themes such as Halloween, Christmas etc. It is definite that you would have loads and loads of fun in making the birthday t-shirt craft. The t-shirts, thus made, can also be given to your guests, so that they can take them to home as mementos and party favors. Go through the following lines and learn how to make birthday t-shirt, by following simple instructions.

How To Make Birthday Shirt

Things You Will Need
  • Fabric Paint in Any Color
  • Heavy Paper Plates
  • Marker
  • Old Newspapers
  • Pack of Kitchen Sponges
  • Paint Brush
  • Plain White T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Tempera Paints of Different Colors
  • Using marker, draw different designs related to birthday (such as candles, cakes, balloons, birthday caps etc) on the sponges.
  • Cut out the sponge designs and set them aside.
  • To make the birthday t-shirt, cover the workplace with old newspapers and lay down your plain white t-shirt flat on it.
  • Pour different tempera paints in different heavy paper plates.
  • Now, just pick up the desired sponge, dip it into any color you want and press it anywhere on the t-shirt. Do not press it too much or the color will spill.
  • Next, the guests may use the paintbrush and fabric paint to write their message underneath the t-shirt or you can just put down the birthday boy or girl's name and date of the party on the clothe.
  • Let the birthday t-shirt dry before wearing it.