Colorful Birthday Plate is a good memory keepsake painting craft. Learn how to make festive birthday plate here.

Colorful Birthday Plate

Birthday is one of the most awaited and celebrated occasions in everyone's life. The best way to celebrate the day with your family, friends and relatives is to throw a party. The elements that make a party meaningful as well as interesting include food, decoration and entertainment. Making crafts is good pastime and a form of entertainment for people of all ages, especially the kids. If you are planning to make a craft for your mom, dad, kids or friends on their birthdays, then we would suggest to go for the simple ones that are economical as well as useful. One such craft is the birthday plate, which can be used to serve the party snacks to your guests. Making a colorful birthday plate can be fun too, because it demands efforts and a little bit of creativity. Check out the instructions to make colorful birthday plate, in the following lines.

How To Make Festive Birthday Plate

Things You Will Need
  • Clear Glass or Plain White Plate
  • Clear Gloss Glaze for Enameling
  • Glass or Ceramic Paints
  • Marker
  • Paint Brush
  • Trace any desired cutout pattern on the back of a plain white plate. Preferably, it should be a festive party design, birthday cake, confetti, balloons and presents. However, you may use any other design as per your desire.
  • Paint the design, using glass or ceramic paints.
  • Set the plate aside for about two hours, so that the paint is dried completely.
  • Brush the gloss glaze on the painted design of the plate, for sealing purposes.
  • Leave the plate to air dry for about 12 to 24 hours.