Birthday Candle is one of the festive candle crafts. Learn how to make birthday candle here.

Birthday Candle

A birthday is not complete without a beautiful candle adorning the cake. So why not gift your loved one an attractive birthday candle, to make the occasion all the more memorable. Birthday candles are very simple and easy to make. You can also personalize a birthday candle by painting it in a special way. It does not take up too much of artistic skills and even younger kids can prepare it with ease. Birthday candles are loved by both children and adults and, with some minor adjustments, can make the perfect gift options for holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas as well. It takes only about half an hour to prepare the whole thing up. Read on to explore the things required to make a birthday candle, along with the technique to be followed therein.

How To Make Birthday Candle

Things You Will Need
  • Acrylic Paints or Candle Paints
  • Makeup Sponge
  • One Medium-sized Fragrant Vanilla Colored Candle
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper Hole Punch
  • Q-tips
  • Raffia
  • Wrinkled small brown paper lunch bag
  • Dip makeup sponge in light yellow acrylic or candle paint and dab it gently all over the surface of the candle, working on 4 to 5 inch of segment at a time.
  • Let the candle dry after each dip and dab process so that you do not get paint all over your hands.
  •  Now color the entire candle like this except for the candle tip where the wick appears.
  • When the paint dries completely touch up for any imperfections and bare spots for better results.
  • Use a Q-tip in any desired darker or brighter color to write 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' on a candle. Calligraphy can come to your rescue for this. You may also write the name of the birthday boy or girl on the candle.
  • Once the lettering is done and the paint is dry once again, add a homemade gift tag to the candle.
  • Write the birthday message on the gift-tag-size piece of wrinkled up paper sack and punch a hole to its top.
  • String raffia through it and tie it around the candle.
  • Add 'Hand Painted Just For You' to the gift tag, so that the person can really appreciate it.