Bird Bank for Kids is an easy trash to treasure craft. Learn how to make bird bank craft here.

Bird Bank for Kids

It is very important to inculcate in children the habit of saving, right from a tender age. During this time, children are naïve and can easily get into bad habits. Thus, bird bank, made from waste, makes a perfect craft for older kids. Apart from appearing beautiful and encouraging children to save their money, it also helps children learn that waste products can also be useful. Bird bank is a beautiful craft for turning trash to treasure and you can display it on holidays to be admired by your guests. Kids can put in money through the money slit and whenever they need it, they can just, open the bottle lid behind the tail of the bird and watch their bird bank lay money for them, something like golden eggs from the fairy tale! To get information on how to make bird bank craft, read through the following lines.

How To Make Bird Bank Craft

Things You Will Need:
  • Cardboard Box Card
  • Cereal Box Card
  • Empty Small Plastic Milk Bottle
  • Newspaper
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Sharp Knife
  • Sticky Tape
  • Tissue Paper or Kitchen Roll
  • Carefully cut a slit into the plastic milk bottle on the side opposite to the handle, using a sharp knife. Make sure it is long and wide enough to let through the largest coin easily.
  • The end with the lid will be the tail of the bird, while the bottom of the bottle will be the head of the bird.
  • To make the body of the bird, lay the bottle flat.
  • Scrunch up two small pillows of newspaper, a little larger than the bottle's side.
  • Use lots of tape to stick them to either side of the bottle.
  • Make sure that the money slit is uncovered.
  • Fold the paper underneath the bottle to make the padded base for the stomach of the bird.
  • Make a very small newspaper pillow for the bottom of the bottle or the breast portion of the bird and stick it well.
  • Shape two newspaper pads like bird's wings and stick them to either side of the bird's body.
  • Fashion a tail out of newspaper. You can cut cereal box strips and paint it for peacock's tail or fold the newspaper in half, again in half and in half once more and then fold it like a triangle. Fold it once again and then stick it as a tail of the chicken.
  • Tape the tail at an angle to the body well, making sure that it does not cover the lid and let it be opened easily.
  • Cut a semicircle out of cereal box card and shape it into a cone to make the neck of the bird.
  • Flatten the point of the cone a bit.
  • Make the head of bird with taped newspaper ball and eyes with smaller newspaper balls.
  • Make a small cone for bird's beak and tape it in place too.
  • You may add feathers to the bird's neck and body for more finished look made out of cereal card pieces.
  • Stick them in a way that they overlap each other to make your bird look natural.
  • Cut feet of the bird from the cardboard box. Research a bit about right shape of the feet for the bird you are making.
  • Make thighs of the bird from small newspapers and legs from cereal box card rolled and taped into thin tubes.
  • Make thighs of the bird from small newspapers and legs from cereal box card rolled and taped into thin tubes.
  • Glue the legs to your bird bank and see if the bird can keep her balance well on the legs you have given her.
  • Once the legs are successfully and securely attached to the bird bank, give your bird a skin by painting PVA glue mixed in equal parts with water on your bird and gluing on torn strips of kitchen roll or tissue paper all over the bird's body.
  • You need skin only to give head and neck of the bird a smoother shape, especially where the head is attached to the neck and neck is attached to the feathered body.
  • Do not lay tissue on money slit.
  • Once the glue dries completely, paint the bird in desired colors and it is ready to use.