Beaded Lampshade is an easy recycling holiday craft. Learn how to make beaded lampshade here.

Beaded Lampshade

When it comes to beaded lampshades, there are a lot of possibilities before you. You can use one of the many popular designs, like Victorian beaded lamp shades, beaded chandelier lamp shades and beaded lamp fringe, to decorate your room and make it look attractive. You can also make an old and ordinary lampshade look like new again by exercising your creativity and artistic skills. You can put this lampshade near your bed or on the side table in the living room, making it the focal point of attraction. Beaded lampshade can also be gifted to your friends. This lampshade is very easy to make and serves as a popular holiday craft as well. Given below are the things required and the steps involved in the preparation of a beaded lampshade.

How To Make Beaded Lampshade

Things You Will Need
  • 1 Bottle Iridescent 3D Glitter Paint
  • 4 mm Round Beads in Assorted Warm or Cool Colors
  • Baby's Breath Flowers Decorations in Assorted Warm or Cool Colors
  • Glue Gun
  • Lampshade to Decorate
  • Multi Colored Leaves
  • Star Flowers Decorations in Assorted Warm or Cool Colors
  • Chalk
  • The preparation starts with the first step of making a pattern on the lampshade by using the chalk.
  • Place small flowerettes to the top rim of the lampshade, clusters of flowers to the bottom edge of the lampshade, leaves at random and round beads as rocks to the bottom.
  • Now stick the flowers, leaves and beads properly into the place by using the glue.
  • Use glitter paint to fill in the spaces between the flowers and add some sparkle to your garden lampshade.