Baby Clothing bouquet is a useful and practical baby shower craft idea. Learn how to make baby clothing bouquet here.

Baby Clothing Bouquet

Baby clothing bouquet is one of the most beautiful and perfect baby gifts that you can make yourself. Though it comprises of simple baby clothes, it is the way of presenting them that makes the gift stand out among others. It is very simple and easy to make and takes less than half an hour on your part. While choosing the fabric, use bright colors for a funky look, but pastels and whites for soft and delicate baby look. An easy-on-the-pocket craft, baby clothing bouquet includes not even a single expensive item, except for the clothes that you will be buying. In fact, most the supplies will be easily available at discount stores. Just use a little thinking and creativity in creating this bouquet and win everyone's heart. The craft is admired not just for its attractiveness, but also for its functionality. Read on to know all about making a baby clothing bouquet.

How To Make Baby Clothing Bouquet

Things You Will Need
  • Baby Clothing, Diapers, Bibs and Assorted Cloth Baby Items
  • Basket or Box for Base
  • Plastic Leaves
  • Tissue Paper Roll
  • Ribbon
  • Rubber Bands
  • Make loose rolls of some baby cloth items such as baby vests, thin shirts, slippers, diapers, napkins and bibs for a blossoming soft rose and tight rolls of beanies and socks for making smaller rose buds.
  • Lock the rolls with the rubber band and curl the edges of the roll towards outside a little to make it look like a flower head.
  • Put some crunched up tissue paper at the bottom of the box or basket and then place the rolled out items like flowers on its top. You may include as many roses and buds as you like.
  • Arrange some plastic leaves between the flowers and buds to make the arrangement look like a flower bouquet.
  • Wrap it all up in cellophane and add a ribbon and bow to keep it all in place.