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Green tea is one of the hottest selling weight loss supplements. Check out green tea weight loss benefits.

Green Tea Weight Loss Benefits

Green tea is a special kind of tea processed only from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. It is very beneficial for health as it has undergone minimal oxidation during making. This tea basically originates from China, however now it has become extremely popular in many other Asian and European countries because of its proclaimed herbal qualities. Doctors even claim that regular consumption of green tea helps in minimizing the risk of heart disease and many kinds of cancer. However, the most widespread use of Green tea is done to treat obesity.

How Does Green Tea Work?
Green Tea is said to be an excellent fat burner. It regulates the glucose level in the body by keeping a check on the blood sugar level. It hampers the function of amylase, which is an enzyme that converts starch into sugar leading to cut on the excess availability of sugar to body. Green Tea also enhances the metabolism rate and thus, leads to fat burn. A component called catechins in the Green Tea is also said to lower the surplus cholesterol level. Green tea is also said to inhibit fatty acid synthase and controls appetite, which overall helps in drastic weight loss.

How To Use Green Tea?
In order to derive the benefits from Green Tea, you need to use the green tea in a proper way. On a general you should use 2.25 grams of tea per 150 gm of water, or about one teaspoon of green tea per cup water. Green Tea is preferably brewed in an earthen pot with its lid covered. Timings for brewing Green tea depend upon the quality of the tea. High quality tea needs to be brewed for less time while low quality tea require a little more time to brew.

Theanine and Caffeine in Green Tea
Theanine and Caffeine in Green Tea are the two main elements that make Green tea an efficient product for weight loss. Though the caffeine content in the green tea is less as compared to black tea and coffee, interestingly it acts high on metabolism. The caffeine content in the green tea is very efficient in increasing metabolism rate and burning fat. Theanine, which is the main amino acid in green tea, is also equally responsible for weight loss as it induce relaxation and the release of dopamine in body, leading to weight loss and a feeling of well being.

How Much Of Green Tea Is Enough?
Now when you have understood all the benefits of Green tea and its use, the million dollar question is that how much of green tea should you use daily? Now different scholars answer it differently. Some Chinese homeopathic practitioner asks to consume about 10 cups a day while many other tell to limit the use to 2 to 3 cups a day. On an average, extracts of all the results say that it is best to consume about 4 to 5 eight ounce cups of green tea per day.