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Trail running race serves as a wonderful workout option to keep in shape. Read about training for trail running.

Trail Running Race

If you are of the opinion that there is no variation in running, then you are definitely in for a surprise. There are different variations of running as well, one of them being trial running. Trial running is different from the usual running on the road. It generally takes place on hiking trails, most commonly single track trails. One of the most distinct features of such running is that the area is inaccessible by road, except at the trail heads. Hills, mountains, deserts, forests and narrow passages are common terrain on which trail running is done. You cannot pose to have a definite running rhythm for trail running. The rough terrain will obviously hamper the flow of smooth running.

Climbing steep inclines are a part of trail running. If you see a trail runner climbing up and down a steep incline, don't be surprised. It is a part of trial running. During the initial stages, it might turn out to be a hard task at hand. This is mainly because of the difficulties that the road poses, but just as they say it, the more difficult, the better the journey gets. Chances are you might come across a pebble-filled road or that with bumps or even low branches and overgrown trees, but the idea is not to let it stop you from achieving what you have desired. A strong determination and sincere effort can turn tables and assists you in attaining your goal.

The experience of training on trails can be a pleasant one, only if you have the right gears to support you. When it comes to gears, shoes are the first items that strike our mind. Trial running shoes are different from the road running shoes. These are specially designed shoes, with stiff and nobby soles. Such shoes are made low lying to offer the wearer the best stability on uneven terrain. In contrast of the road running shoes, these are less 'cushioned' and have rubber or plastic compound mid-sole, to protect the feet from puncture wounds. Some of the other essential gears include wicking garments, water bottles, sunscreen, sunglasses, gaiters, maps, anti-insect spray and ivy block. Ultra light hiking poles can also be used for enhancing speed and stability.

Training & Race
In trail races, runners enjoy the blissfulness of nature. Exploring the unseen and unexploited nature rules the heart of trail racing runners. Chances are while running you might not have a single participant in sight. Trail races usually have well-equipped aid stations, offering both food and beverages after every 5 to 10 kms. Trial runners should have navigational skills, something which is not required in case of road running. The course taken by trail runners is self-invented one, a feature which is much against its counterpart.

Trail running take place as both recreation activity and as a race. For trial running, the best bet would be to incorporate both short and long runs. While the former would help in boosting endurance and leg strength, the latter requires the usage of peripheral muscles around your hips, ankles and quadriceps. If you have an undying love for adventure, trial running holds the key to a world of happiness!!