Read Definition of Money Market Mutual Funds

Money Market Mutual Funds

A money market fund is a mutual fund that invests solely in money market instruments. Money market instruments are forms of debt that mature in less than one year and are very liquid. Treasury bills make up the bulk of the money market instruments. Securities in the money market are relatively risk-free.

Money market funds are generally the safest and most secure of mutual fund investments. The goal of a money-market fund is to preserve principal while yielding a modest return. Money-market mutual fund is akin to a high-yield bank account but is not entirely risk free. When investing in a money-market fund, attention should be paid to the interest rate that is being offered.

Types of Money Market Mutual Funds
Money market funds are of two types:

1. Institutional Money Market Mutual Funds:
These funds are held by governments, institutional investors and businesses etc. Huge sum of money is parked in institutional money funds.

2. Retail Money Market Mutual Funds:
Retail money market funds are used for parking money temporarily. The investment portfolio of money market funds comprises of treasury bills, short term debts, tax free bonds etc.

Special Features of Money Market Mutual Funds
Money market mutual funds are usually rated by the rating agencies. So, check for the fund ratings before investing.