The world-leading Barclays Bank has started its operations in India. Barclays GRCB India has its headquarters in Mumbai.

Barclays Bank

Barclays GRCB India is led by Samir Bhatia as its Managing Director. In a short period of just two and a half years, Barclays GRCB India has placed itself amongst the most respected foreign banks in the country that is serving more than 830,000 clients. Barclays offers the best premier banking services in the country. In November 2006, Barclays started serving commercial customers. Barclays Bank India provides banking services to large multinationals, public sector companies, and to small and medium enterprises.

Products & Services
The services which Barclays provide include loans, deposits, payments management, cash management services, trade finance and treasury solutions. In May 2007, Barclays launched the consumer banking division which offers a wide range of products and services to the customers. These services include personal loans which come with smaller monthly repayments, credit cards which allow customers to choose their payment date, and Hello Money, which proves to be a revolutionary service to combines technology with convenience.

Commercial Banking
Barclays GRCB India is not only limited to the consumer banking division. The Indian operations of Barclays GRCB India has recently became the first in Asia and the fourth in the world to launch The Latitude Club which is a global commercial banking scheme from Barclays that assists corporate customers to identify new business partners internationally.

Branch Network
Barclays GRCB till now has a network of 11 ATMs and five branches across India. With Indian headquarters in Mumbai, Barclays is providing its services in four other cities including New Delhi, Junagarh (Gujarat), Kanchipuram (near Chennai), and Nelamangala (near Bengaluru). Barclays have the strategy of Investing in the community. It is focused on financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, education, enterprise, and is helping people globally in employment. The bank is currently making efforts to explore that how it can influence its global partnerships to invest in the growth and development of the communities of India as well.

Head Office
Barclays Bank India
801/808 Ceejay House
Shivsagar Estate
Dr Annie Besant Road
Worli, Mumbai - 400018