Bank of Nova Scotia offers a broad range of corporate and commercial services. With this article, know more about Scotiabank India.

Bank of Nova Scotia

The Bank of Nova Scotia, famously known as Scotiabank, is counted amongst North America's leading financial establishments and also the most international of all the Canadian banks. It stands at the third position in the list of Canada's largest banks in terms of deposits and market capitalization. The bank was established in the year 1832 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In 1900, it shifted its executive offices to Toronto, Ontario. It is also a member of the Global ATM Alliance, a group of numerous major international banks. Scotiabank is also the very first Canadian bank to establish a branch in Newfoundland. The bank offers several personal, commercial, corporate and investment banking services to individuals, businesses, corporations and governments in over 50 countries worldwide, and also coast to coast all around Canada. Currently, the bank of Nova Scotia is running under Richard E. Waugh who is managing the responsibilities of both President and CEO. The Bank of Nova Scotia has announced itself as "Canada's International Bank" due to its accretion primarily in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and India.

Key Attributes
In the present day multiple financial services market, Scotiabank has maintained to focus on creative and new technologies along with a personal touch. The Scotiabank Group offers this unique balance by prioritizing its customers. While the availability of various technological advances are responsible for quick, convenient and efficient routine banking transactions, the employees of the bank are entirely dedicated to creating stronger and deeper relationships with their customers in the most human and knowledgeable way.

Presence In India
Scotiabank has been maintaining its strong identity in India with five branches in the major cities, namely Mumbai, New Delhi, Coimbatore, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Through their branch web and ScotiaMocatta, they offer a wide range of corporate and commercial services, accompanied with some retail banking products. The Scotiabank in India functions as a subsidiary of The Bank of Nova Scotia. The bank is wholly committed towards its Indian clients and holds appreciable track record and market expertise in financial markets of India.

Products And Services
The bank provides numerous services in India such as Personal Banking Checking and Savings Accounts, Other Currency Accounts, Foreign Exchange, Safety Deposit Boxes, Local Currency Loans, Other Currency Loans, Current Accounts, Term Deposits, Other Currency Deposits, Trade Finance, Letters of Credit, Letters of Guarantee, Collections, Cash Management, Balance Reporting, Wire/SWIFT Transfers, Precious Metals Loans, Metals Trading and Base Metals.

Head Office
Nova Scotia Bank
82 "C" Wing, Mittal Tower, 8th Floor,
Nariman Point
Mumbai - 400021