Herein we have provided detailed information about the profile of Arab Bangladesh Bank, India.

Arab Bangladesh Bank, India

Arab Bangladesh Bank Limited is one of the leading private sector banks based in Bangladesh. It was instituted on December 31, 1981 and served as the very first private sector bank of the country. The bank commenced its functions from April 12, 1882. Since then Arab Bangladesh Bank Limited has been delivering efficient and quality services to its clients, which eventually made it an eminent name in the international banking sector. It has almost 82 branches in various different business centers in Bangladesh and holds one foreign branch in Mumbai, India. The bank has even founded a completely owned subsidiary finance company in Hong Kong by the name of AB International Finance Limited. For the overseas trade and payment related services, the ABB has correspondent relationship with more than 220 global banks. On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the bank inaugurated its new logo dipped in a different color. The main motive behind the change in the logo was to bring newness, enhance focus on bonding and trust, and hence display the fresh zeal of the organization.

Key Attributes
Arab Bangladesh Bank offers exclusive services to NRBs (Non-Resident Bangladeshi's). The bank opens Foreign Currency Account in USD/GBP/EUR/JPY for NRBs, which can be remitted by them. Also, the amount they deposit can also be utilized for remittance as per their requirement.

Presence In India
The bank only has one overseas branch which is located in Mumbai, India.

Products And Services
Since inception, the Arab Bangladesh Bank has been trying to introduce innovation in its products and services. The creative products and services the bank offers for small and medium enterprise include SME banking, retail banking, corporate banking, project finance, loan syndication, lending rates, deposit rates, exchange rates, NRB banking, money transfer, Islami banking, investment banking, debit and credit cards (Local & International), ATMs, internet banking, remittance services, treasury products and services, priority banking, and customer care.

Head Office
Arab Bangladesh Bank Limited
Liberty Building
41-42 Sir Vithaldas Thackersey Marg
New Marine Lines
Mumbai - 400020