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Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), India

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) is one of the most prominent nationalized banks of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Three different banks viz. the Khalij Commercial Bank, the Emirates Commercial Bank and the Federal Commercial Bank merged in the month of July 1985, leading to the incorporation of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. The ADCB operates in only two countries worldwide, which are the United Arab Emirates and India. The first branch of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank in India was opened in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. This branch reportedly caters to over 14,000 clients. Apart from this, the Bank has also opened a branch in Bangalore, the software hub of the nation.

Products and Services
Apart from regular banking services such as fund deposits, loans, ATM and Corporate Banking services, the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank has introduced a range of specialized services in India. These services include NRI Banking, offering regular and premium NRI banking services such as remittances to the Non-Residents with tax deduction at the source itself.

The ADCB has introduced its StockSmart Depositary Services in India, enabling smooth and transparent stock transactions for its customers investing in shares through various Indian stock markets. The bank also offers cellphone banking and online banking service with the name ADCB Netlink.

NRI Oriented Services
For its NRI customers who wish to invest in the Indian stock market, the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank offers an intuitive service targeted at helping them make safe and valuable investments. This Portfolio Investment Service by the ADCB is called INVEST LINK, and the service has been received by the customers with great enthusiasm and interest.

Apart from this, the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank has also enabled corporate lending out of FCNR (B) deposits, adding a yet another feather to its cap in terms of offering specialized and diverse services to its Indian customers.

Head Office
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
Rehmat Manzil,
75, Veer Nariman Road,
Mumbai 400020 - INDIA
Website: or