Read about the specifications and features of Ghost, a recently launched car by Rolls Royce that is touted to put its competitors to shame with its simplicity and high-end features.

Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce Ghost
From all the ghost stories we may have heard at some point in our lives, two things come to mind. First, the presence of ghosts is short lived. Second, there is sense of uncertainty; some claim to have seen one, others say it�s all crap. But if a different type of Ghost, a car to be more precise from the house of Rolls Royce, were to pass by you, it�ll sure withdraw a series of continuous glances towards itself. With a powerful and exceptionally silent engine, it�ll come unannounced, like a ghost. But once arrived, it�ll haunt the very existence of nearby cars as they would stand there in isolation wondering where all the glory is going. Priced at 1.3 Cr, it is relatively smaller than other Rolls Royce�s cars but is no lesser in terms of comfort and value it delivers at this high-end price. Read further to know about the features and specifications of Rolls Royce Ghost.

Design & Comfort
Just one look at this 4-door sedan from Rolls Royce and an unadulterated natural flair is the impression of it what one feels. The exteriors hold a mirror like finish with an incredibly deep flawless shine. A silver satin finish on the bonnet, the visible exhausts that point at the presence of immense power under the hood, and chromed alloys bundled with adjustable headlights and fog lights, tinted glass, sun roof, and moon roof make for simple yet astonishingly elegent-looking exteriors. The interiors, even though loaded with near infinite features, don�t look cluttered but highly organized. The secondary features are also discreetly hidden until required. The veneers made from the finest wood (piano black, walnut burr, malabar, elm cluster, and dark wenge) and soft full grain leather upholstery (black, dark spice, pine green, fleet blue, navy blue, consort red, moccasin, cr�me light, and sea shell) further enhance the interiors of it . Comfort features like 10 way power and massaging front seats, 9.2 inch LCD screen, individual lounge seating for the rear compartment, a 16 speaker audio system with 12.5 GB of digital music storage, iPod and USB connectivity, satellite radio, air conditioner, heater, digital clock, rain sensing wipers, and a few others make the occupants get a home-away-from-home experience.

Just as is the case with ghosts, this ghost, although loaded with a powerful 6.6L Twin Turbo V12 that generates a maximum power of 563 Bhp @ 5250 rpm and maximum torque of 780 Nm @ 1500 rpm with a displacement of 6592 cc, is exceptionally smooth and silent. It effortlessly reaches 0-100 kmph in 4.9 seconds with a top speed of 250 kmph and a mileage of 5 kmpl in the city and 8.5 kmpl on highways. The 8-speed automatic ZF gearbox gives away a feeling of having an infinite first gear. The transmission is so smooth and comfortable that even when the car is going at 100 kmpl, it feels that the car is hardly moving at 10 kmpl.

But unlike make belief ghosts, this ghost provides its host with near invincible safety features like dynamic stability control enabling you to stop at shortest possible distance, the air springs, electronically controlled dampers, and active roll stabilization that controls the suspension accordingly and ensures that the car stays levels at all times. While the night vision displays the thermal image of pedestrians up to 300 meters away, a series of cameras mounted on front, rear, and sides allow for easier scratch-free parking. Furthermore, the car flaunts a heads up display that doesn�t make the driver take his eyes off the road to read driving related information. Active cruise control feature that adjusts the speed of this car according to the speed of the car in front, lane departure warning that makes the steering vibrate the moment you drift away from the lane, and other features like dynamic traction control, anti lock braking system, and automatic high beams add to the already exhaustive list.

Variants & Price
Rolls Royce Ghost comes in 12 different colors of Diamond Black, Darkest Tungsten, New Sable, Dark Indigo, Sea Green, Adriatic Blue, Metropolitan Blue, Lunar Blue, Jubilee Silver, English White, Madeira Red, and Claret with mirror finish paintwork that allows you to see your own self in it. Even at Rs. 1.3 Cr, the price doesn�t seem that enormous, considering the name Rolls Royce behind it. And for the high end users and fans of the brand itself, price shouldn�t be an issue at all.

Technical Specifications

Make Rolls Royce
Model Ghost
Body Type Sedan
Number Of Doors 4
Seating Capacity 5
Fuel Tank Capacity 82.5L
Length 5399 mm
Width 1948 mm
Height 1550 mm
Wheelbase 3295 mm
Ground Clearance 150 mm
Gross Weight 2940 kg
Kerb Weight 2470 kg
Type 6.6L Twin Turbo V12 Engine
Number of Cylinders 12
Valves 4 per cylinder
Displacement 6592 cc
Transmission 8 Speed Automatic
Max. Power (max) 563 Bhp @ 5250 rpm
Max. Torque (max) 780 Nm @ 1500 rpm
Front Double-wishbone
Rear Multilink
Front Ventilated Disk
Rear Ventilated Disk
Steering Type Rack & Pinion, Speed sensitive variable rate power assistance
Tyre Size  
Front 255/45 R20
Rear 285/40 R20